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Nordisk since 1901

Founded in 1901 Northern Feather was the first Danish company to focus 100% on down and feathers. From simple trading to development of own products like duvets, quilts and pillows Northern Feather developed into one of the leading world wide players within the down and feather business.

In 1967 Nordisk Freizeit was founded as a subsidiary of Northern Feather focusing on the growing outdoor market. During the 70’s and 80’s Nordisk played a key role in building the still new European outdoor sector, through own companies in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UK and under the brand name Caravan. In the years to come Nordisk and Caravan became major players in the business, being recognized for its innovative and very fashionable products.

In 1991 we changed our brand name to Nordisk, being true to our story and heritage. Nordisk is still a European brand, but the last few years we have also expanded beyond the European continent, and now you will also find Nordisk products in faraway countries such as Japan and Korea.

1901: The rise of Nordisk

On March 20, 1901 Nordisk Fjerfabrik A/S (Northern Feather) was founded in Copenhagen by H.O. Lange – a 23 year old son of a danish grocer. Based on the idea to buy and sell raw and semi-manufactured materials primarely related to feathers and down Nordisk Fjer developed rapidly into a world wide player.

1908: Worldwide expansion

As early as in 1908 Nordisk Fjer established a local unit in China, and in 1917 Northern Feather Works Ltd. Was established in New York. The production had been expanded with bedlinen and related products, and from 1969 this area of the business came in focus, and Nordisk Fjer became a brand developing, producing and selling feather- and down-related products.

1941: The first Sleeping Bags

In the early 40’s Nordisk Fjer started developing and producing the first sleeping bags. From the beginning the sleeping bag range included down as well as synthetic filled bags, and the construction was at first based on the knowledge from the production of pillows and blankets. This however quickly changed into a distinct area of development, and the outdoor range was soon expanded

1967: Focus on outdoor

Realizing the importance of the growing outdoor market, the subsidiary Nordisk Fritid is founded in Malmö, Sweden – and the goal is to produce products with high focus on innovation, quaity and functionality to the growing outdoor market. This evolves into what later is known as Caravan – one of the first dedicated outdoor brands in the World.

1974: The rise of Caravan

The first catalogue under the brand name Caravan mainly consisted of sleeping bags and mats spiced up with informative articles about the products as well as exciting travel stories. In 1977 the first tents appeared as did apparel, and in 1979 backpacks were launched as the catalogue changed its name to ”Caravan Backpacking”.

1980: The first Outdoor Fashion Brand

During the 80’s also cookware, footware, compasses, knifes and bike-bags were added, and Caravan becomes a full range outdoor brand. Furthermore Caravan puts intensive focus on design and hereby becomes one of the first outdoor fashion brands in the world.

1991: Nordisk Freizeit without Nordisk Fjer

After the bankruptsy of Nordisk Fjer in 1991, Nordisk Freizeit continued alone under the previous management with a strong focus on the North German market. The brand name ”Caravan” was lost, and the products were now named ”Nordisk” for the first time.

2005: The new era

In 2005 danish Erik Møller together with two others buys the company with a renewed focus on product development, logistics, procurement and not least intense focus on the brand ”Nordisk” creates a strong platform for once again conquering the world – now under the brand name ”Nordisk”.

2010: Conquering the World

Since 2010 focus has been on the many potential markets primarely in Europe and Asia, and with the establishment of a chinese office, Nordisk are now able to control and optimise the entire value chain from production to the final destination in the shop. A strong product development programme has been launched as has the renewal of the entire visual identity of Nordisk based on the ”Strategy 2015”.