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Aluminium Helmet Slide 25mm (6pcs)

Nordisk Aluminium Helmet Slide™

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Nordisk Aluminium Helmet Slide™

Standard eyelets reduce the tensile strength of fabrics and webbings by up to 50%. The Helmet Slide - a small solid plate which functions as an “eyelet” you can put anywhere on your tarp without weakening the material. The Helmet Slides are easy to attach and to use - they are designed to hold a pole and a guy line simultaneously. All Nordisk tarps are produced Helmet-Slide-ready. All webbing loops (and handles) have a flat eye where a Helmet Slide can be hooked in from the side. Of course, the new Aluminium Helmet Slides can be used not only on Nordisk tarps and tents, but also on any other product featuring (webbing) loops or straps suitable for attaching the Helmet Slides.


  • Easy-to-attach fixation plates for tarps and tents
  • Universal anchor points for guy ropes and poles
  • Tool-free installation
  • Suitable for all 25 mm loops and straps
  • Loops and straps



  • Length : 25 mm
  • Weight : 4 g
  • Pieces in set : 6


  • Total weight : 25 g


  • Material : Aluminium