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Aluminium Mug, 400 ml

Large handy and versatile aluminium mug

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Large handy and versatile aluminium mug

The aluminium mug containing 400 ml is a versatile piece of gear with many applications no matter if you want to use it for drinking cold or hot liquids, eating soup or cereals – or simply to collect water from the lake or as a small container when camping. The choice of material even makes it possible to use it as a small pot on a grill grid, if you want to heat something up (but only for a short period of time). It has foldable handles taking up minimum space when packed – and if you have the smaller 200 ml mug as well, it fits nicely into the 400 ml when folded. The handles are also handy if you want to hang the mug somewhere.

  • small and handy weighing only 48 g
  • foldable handles takes up minimum space
  • can be used as a small pot
  • can hang in handles
  • the 200 ml fits inside the 400 ml


  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 84 g
  • Height : 8 cm
  • DiameterCM : 8 cm
  • Capacity : 400 ml


Material :