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Aluminium Mug, 400 ml

Large handy and versatile aluminium mug

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Large handy and versatile aluminium mug

Don’t forget to drink!
No matter the weather and no matter the adventure, you will always need to bring a cup for coffee, water or a late-night drink before tucking into your sleeping bag.
The Nordisk 400ml aluminium mug is a light and versatile choice for both hot and cold liquids or even food. The construction means it can even be used over a stove to warm up your drink (only for a short time, though, it is not suitable for actual cooking). It has foldable handles to take up minimum space when packed. If you also own the 200ml mug, it will nicely fit inside the 400ml version for smart space saving.


  • Small and handy weighing only 80 g
  • Foldable handles takes up minimum space
  • Can be used as a small pot
  • Can hang on handles
  • 200ml fits inside the 400ml



  • Weight : 80 g