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Aluminium square skewer

Strong and easy-to-use all-round peg

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Strong and easy-to-use all-round peg

The aluminium square skewer is one of the most versatile pegs available. It is very easy to use and works well in a wide range of soils – not least grass. But the peg is also very easy to push into cracks in e.g. very rocky or stony areas. The square construction makes this peg very strong and stable, and the anti-twist construction ensures a firm grip in the soil, preventing the peg from twisting. Equipped with a large hook, the square skewer can hold up to several guy ropes in a wide range of widths and thicknesses, and the bright yellow colour offers great visibility, making it stand out when pegged in grass or soil.

  • versatile skewer construction
  • hexagon shape for strong hold
  • angled shape for anti-twist functionality
  • smooth penetration into most kind of soils
  • quick and easy clean
  • swan neck shaped top for better hold
  • strong guy rope hold and easy extraction of peg
  • fits wide range of guy rope widths
  • easy visible colour
  • set of 6 pegs




  • Length : 190 mm
  • Pieces in set : 6
  • Weight : 19 g
Pack sack
  • Type : Nordisk zipped pack sack


Material :