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Aluminium Triangular Slider

Easy sliding triangular slider with a smooth grip

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Easy sliding triangular slider with a smooth grip

The triangular aluminium slider is easy to operate and offers a strong grip on the guy rope, thanks to the three hole construction. The slider has a minimalist design and is constructed to easily tighten the guy rope under tension. The slider can easily be undone by adjusting the angle at which it is held. The robust choice of material makes it super-strong so it easily holds high tension guyropes on larger tents. It fits guy ropes up to 5mm, and the soft-edged design fits nicely into the hand.


  • Large, triangular-shaped slider
  • Very easy to use
  • Smooth handling and easy slide
  • Very strong and durable design
  • No hard edges
  • Very strong hold
  • Fits up to 5mm guy ropes
  • Minimalist design
  • Optimal with the Nordisk High Tenacity guy rope
  • Standard with Nordisk Legacy range



  • Length : 65 mm
  • Weight : 8 g
  • Pieces in set : 10


  • Total weight : 80 g


  • Material : Aluminium