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Our best down-filled winter jackets

At Nordisk, we carry a wide range of outerwear for both women and men, from ultralight weight jackets – which packs small in your backpack – to extra warm jackets with a stylish look, perfect for outdoor and city life. Common to all, they are made of the absolute best down quality. At Nordisk, we only use European down and with the highest standard of animal welfare.


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A jacket is not just a jacket. Different jackets serve different purposes, which is why we carry a wide range of outerwear – with and without down filling. Including waterproof down jackets to keep you protected from rain, wind and cold at the same time. Or the option of separate jackets to put on top of each other in order to adapt perfectly to the circumstances.


Guide: Find the best winter jacket 

In general, there are three things to consider when choosing a down jacket for winter:

  1. Should the jacket only provide insulation, or do you also need protection from the rain?
  2. Do you need it to be extra lightweight?
  3. Which features do you need?

And the answer always depends on your purpose with the jacket.


Higher down quality means less weight:

How important is weight to you? If you are looking for a jacket to give you instant warmth when you need it, but it must not weigh you down when you are to perform your best, the our ultralight jackets and vests are what you need. Typically, these jackets have fewer down to suit the needs of an active use. However, it is important to note that less down does not equal less warmth. A high quality down improves the fill power and provides more warmth with less down resulting in a smaller, lighter, and softer jacket. Read more about the wonders of down here.


Water-repellent or waterproof:

  • Do you need a jacket that can withstand the rain? If caught in a storm and you want to make sure not to get wet, then you should opt for a waterproof down jacket. A hard shell jacket will keep you dry, and the down will keep you warm. These are true element fighters and our favourite all-in-one winter jackets.
    Many of our other jackets have a water repellent fabric so you do not have to worry about a light rain.

  • Perhaps a vest will keep you warm? A down vest will keep your core warm without limiting your moveability. The vest will fit perfectly under an outer shell jacket to add some heat to a thin layer of rain protection. And of course, it will save quite a few grams of weight and space in your backpack.


What features do you need?

  • Pockets
    Think about the amount and placement of pockets. Do you only need regular outside pockets? Or would it be nice to have extra pocket on the chest or inside to protect your belongings.  
  • Hood
    Do you need a hood? If yes, do you then need the hood to be detachable or able to cover a biking or climbing helmet. Our hoods are adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • Zippers and ventilation
    Most of our jackets are provided with a two-way zipper for better moveability and to allow air to enter. This feature is perfect when biking.
    Jackets, which are meant for more active use, also have underarm ventilation zippers which are great when hiking, biking, or skiing.
    Last, but not least, our non-shell down jackets can be packed in a left pocket which gives an ultra-small pack size.

Click into each jacket to discover the different features.

All jackets are available in sizes XS to XXL for women and in mens sizes S to 3XL.

Not yet dressed for winter? If you have further questions about our down jackets, we are eager to help. Contact one our down specialists via Facebookmail or by simply calling +4573734069.