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Asgard 12.6

A very versatile cotton tent that stands out

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A very versatile cotton tent that stands out

Asgard 12.6 is a classic and spacious bell tent with room for up to 6 persons sleeping. The simple center pole construction makes it easy to pitch and the tall sides offers maximum utilization of the ground are. The sides are equipped with ground level D-shaped windows the allows you to increase ventilation, light and view. Both windows and main entrance has mosquito net so you can open up without being eaten by bugs. Together with the very pleasant cotton fabric Asgard offers close to optimal living comfort. A tailored zip-in groundsheet, tailored cabins and an extra high wall are all available as accessories.

  • fits 6 people sleeping
  • large A-door protects against rain
  • amazing sleeping environment
  • adjustable center pole for perfect fit
  • sides can be rolled up for increased ventilation
  • pole attachment points for hanging gear
  • mosquito net at ventilation, windows and door
  • high end packsack for easy packing
  • zip-in floor and tailored cabins available as extra
  • Asgard High Wall available as accessory
The story behind the name

Home of the Norse Gods

In old Norse mythology, Asgard, which means “Enclosure of the Æsir”, is one of the Nine Worlds, only accessible via the burning rainbow bridge Bifrost. Here lives both the old gods Vanir and the more martial gods led by Odin. With his wife Frigg, he lives in the castle Valhalla, located within Asgard. Outside Asgard is Utgard, home of the giants, and Midgard, home of the humans.


Hydrostatic head
  • Flysheet : 350 mm
Tent construction
Single wall
Download build up instructions:


  • Type : 6 person tent
  • Flysheet size (LxWxH : 400 x 375 x 250 cm
  • Weight : 16 kg
Pack sack
  • Type : Pack sack with carry handles
  • Pack size : 37 x 114 cm
Floor plan



Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Construction: Technical Weave with breathable finish

Weight 185 g/m2

Farve: Natural


Included accessories:
Guy rope: Strong high tenacity Polyester 5.0 with Nordisk alu triangular slider
Poles: Steel
Pegs: Steel V-peg 25 pieces
Available accessories:
Inner cabin, Asgard 12.6
ZIF, Asgard 12.6
Asgard 12.6 spare poles