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Asgard Tech Mini

The Asgard Tech Mini is an airy, lightweight bell shape tent

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The Asgard Tech Mini is an airy, lightweight bell shape tent

As the name suggests, the Asgard Tech Mini is a scaled-down version of the bigger Asgard tents, yet it still offers plenty of room for two people and their kit. The Asgard Tech also uses new innovative fabrics and lightweight materials to reach the lightest weight and the smallest packing size possible. The Asgard Tech Mini incorporates both brand-new features such as the Nordisk Technical Hybrid fabric concept along with classic designs. It has superb ventilation through closable mesh doors and windows and further ventilation openings. Once the whole tent is pegged-out thoroughly, the top point of the door does not have to be pegged out, leaving full access to the front entrance.

  • Comfort and “hygge”, but lightweight and small pack size
  • Nordisk Technical Hybrid fabric concept & Turtle HubTM pole hub system
  • Rainproof, lightweight, quick-dry roof, all seams taped.
  • Breathable, airy side walls and doors.
  • Sewn-in, seam-taped bathtub floor
  • Extendable vestibule front door
The story behind the name

In old Norse mythology, Asgard, which means “Enclosure of the Æsir”, is one of the Nine Worlds, only accessible via the burning rainbow bridge Bifrost. Here lives both the old gods Vanir and the more martial gods led by Odin. With his wife Frigg, he lives in the castle Valhalla, located within Asgard. Outside Asgard is Utgard, home of the giants, and Midgard, home of the humans.


Hydrostatic head
  • Ground sheet : 10000 mm
  • Roof : 600 mm
  • Wall, doors : 350 mm
Tent construction
Single wall


  • Type : 2 person tent
  • Weight : 4 kg
  • Flysheet size (LxWxH : 210 x 246 x 160 cm
Pack sack
  • Type : Pack sack with compression straps
  • Size : 28 x 20 x 26 cm


Ground sheet

Composition: 100% Polyester

Coating: PU Coating.

Farve Sand


Composition: 100% Nylon

Coating: PU Coating.

Farve Sand


Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Construction: Technical Weave with breathable finish

Weight 185 g/m2

Farve Sand


Included accessories:
Guy rope: Sold separately
Poles: Sold separately
Pegs: Sold separately
Available accessories:
Asgard Mini Colour Pack - mustard
Asgard Mini Colour Pack - cherry
Asgard Mini Colour Pack - chocolate
Ydun Mini Footprint