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Aluminium Skewer Pegs

Strong and easy-to-use all-round peg

EUR 23,95

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Strong and easy-to-use all-round peg

The aluminium square skewer is one of the most versatile pegs available. It is very easy to use and works well in a wide range of ground types, including rocky or stony areas. The square construction makes this peg very strong and stable, and the anti-twist construction ensures a firm grip in the soil, preventing the peg from twisting. Equipped with a large hook, the square skewer can hold several guy ropes in a wide range of widths and thicknesses, and the red colour offers great visibility, making it stand out when pegged in grass or soil.


  • Versatile skewer construction
  • Hexagonal shape for strong hold
  • Angled shape for anti-twist functionality
  • Suitable for most ground types
  • Quick and easy clean
  • Swan neck shaped top for better hold
  • Strong guy rope hold and easy extraction of peg
  • Fits wide range of guy rope widths
  • Easily visible colour
  • Set of 6 pegs



  • Length : 190 mm
  • Weight : 19 g
  • Pieces in set : 6


  • Total weight : 114 g


  • Material : Aluminium