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Et mærke for engagement

Nordisk lives and breathes outdoor. It is the foundation of our existence and we are committed to ensuring that the products we bring to life are staying true to that concept. Therefore, we pay great attention to and care about the production process. Not only what is in the products, but also how they are created.

Nordisk aims to provide unique and superior quality products, and we strongly believe that the best products are made under responsible working conditions. Therefore we want to take responsibility for the people involved in our operations worldwide, and to ensure a structured and professional development of both our partners and of Nordisk, we have joined the organisation BSCI.

A continuos effort for better working conditions

BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and is a business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. Today, it unites more than 1,000 European companies.

As a member of BSCI, we are committed to implementing the Code of Conduct, which is aiming to achieve a gradual progress towards improved working conditions in the factories, we nominate. The goal is to make sure all our suppliers are audited with a good result. We cannot expect that all of our suppliers comply immediately, but we do expect that our suppliers work, together with us, towards solid improvements. This is why BSCI puts a lot of effort and resources in organising workshops for our suppliers and helping us in our work with them, to be able to make long-term changes.


Reaching for cleaner products

But also the product itself is important, and therefore we want to ensure, that chemicals used are not hazardous – neither to the preparation of raw materials, to the actual production or to the people engaged, nor to the environment or to the final consumer.

To manage this in a maze of technical and chemical terms, we follow a set of regulations towards what is allowed to use in products in Europe, namely REACH. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, and came into force in 2007. It is an ever increasing list, currently including 138 forbidden chemical substances.


Never ending story

Nordisk obviously follows and fulfils this, but our commitment does not stop there. We have a clear goal to obtain further advantages in our range. We develop our products according to the principles of reduce - reuse - recycle, where we try to choose materials, technologies and production methods which have the least possible environmental impact. And we take the responsibility for our products, even after they’re done being used.