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Set of 3 compression bags for tight packing of gear

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Set of 3 compression bags for tight packing of gear

Durin spacemaker is a both durable and versatile set of plastic bags for better protection of your clothes, towels and the like – and higher utilization of the space inside your bag. The three bags comes in three different sizes – all made of soft, sturdy and waterproof plastic, and all equipped with a strong slider for keeping out air and water making it perfect for travelling. Durin works quite simple: Put the stuff into the bag, use the slider to almost close the bag, press out all extra air and close the slider completely. Now the items are protected and minimized in size – and they will stay that way.

  • 3 compressible bags
  • keeps your clothes dry
  • optimises your pack size
  • very lightweight
  • protects against moisture and water
  • soft, sturdy plastic
  • perfect for clothes, towels, cloths etc.
  • smooth slider
  • all except the slider is waterproof
  • small pack size


  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 150 g
Pack sack
  • Size : 15 x 22 x 4 cm


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