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Dyneema 1.2 mm Guy rope

Ultra thin guy rope with the strength of steel

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Ultra thin guy rope with the strength of steel

The Dyneema 1.2 guy rope is made of the strongest fibre in the world, and has the same strength as steel. But taking the size and weight into consideration, it actually has a weight-to-performance ratio 15 times higher than steel. The extreme high tensile strength combined with the fact that it is in reality unbreakable makes the Dyneema fibre a first choice among climbers – and now also among tenters. Even though it only has a diameter of 1.2 mm it is extremely hard-wearing making it more than capable of making your tent stand firm even under extreme weather conditions. The reflective design makes it easy identifiable at night.

  • ultra light and strong guy rope
  • Dyneema is the world's strongest fibre
  • extremely high tensile strength
  • 15 times higher weight-to-performance ratio than steel
  • literally unbreakable
  • extremely durable
  • reflective yarn built in feature
  • visual mustard yellow colour
  • suits the triangular lock slider
  • standard item with Lofoten ULW


Guy rope


  • LengthM : 10 m
  • Pieces in set : 1
  • Thickness : 2 mm


Material :