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Fleece liner blanket

Soft and warm 3-in-1 fleece liner and blanket

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Soft and warm 3-in-1 fleece liner and blanket

The fleece liner blanket is a soft and warm addition to any sleeping bag. It can be used either as a classic supplement to your rectangular sleeping bag providing up to 5°-8°C extra warmth or as a stand-alone sleeping bag in the summer, or just a soft and cosy blanket wherever needed. Fleece is more sturdy and softer than cotton, but also warmer and a bit heavier, so if you want that extra luxury, this liner should definitely be mandatory on your packing list.


  • Adds 5°-8° C of warmth
  • Protects your sleeping bag
  • Usable as a blanket
  • Fits rectangular sleeping bags
  • Perfect supplement to your sleep system
  • All-round zipper
  • More flexible use of sleeping bag
  • Very soft and cosy
  • Machine washable



  • Length : 190 cm
  • Width : 85 cm
  • Weight excl. pack sack : 820 g


Shell inserts

Fabric: Polyester fleece

Composition: 100% Polyester

Construction: 100% Polyester, 240g/m2

Weight 240 g/m2

Colour: Dark Grey