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Fleece liner kids

Warm and comfortable kids fleece liner for cold nights

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Warm and comfortable kids fleece liner for cold nights

The mummy shaped fleece liner for kids is a both protective and pleasant add-on to your kids sleeping bag. In general a fleece liner can add 5°-8° C extra degrees of warmth, which can be quite pivotal under very cold conditions. It also adds a lot of flexibility, as it provides a much broader temperature span for the sleeping bag. The mummy shape fits into most sleeping bags, but is of course particularly optimal in a mummy-shaped bag. The all-round zipper makes it possible to use the liner as a blanket, but it can also work as a light and snug stand alone bag in the summer. In other words; this is kids sized comfort.

  • can add 5°-8° C of warmth
  • protects your sleeping bag
  • very warm and soft fleece
  • fits most kids sleeping bags
  • tailored to kids
  • fits mummy shaped sleeping bags
  • a perfect supplement to your sleeping bag
  • all-round zipper
  • more flexible use of sleeping bag
  • machine washable


  • Length : 145 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 530 g


Shell inserts

Composition: 100% Polyester

Weight 240 g/m2

Farve: Dark Grey