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Gandalf 10.0

One of the most luxurious sleeping mats available

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One of the most luxurious sleeping mats available

Gandalf 10.0 is pure luxury in every way. With its square shape design and perforated foam construction with single layered horizontal tubes inside, it offers maximum comfort. It is filled with high quality foam offering a firm cushioning – and on the outside the front is made of natural and high quality 100% cotton fabric with a soft, brushed and very comfortable finish. The back is highly durable oxford polyester with silicone print for a firm non-slip grip so you do not slide around during your sleep. Finally Gandalf features connection buttons for joining more mats together – and an integrated pillow for a better sleep.

  • very luxurious sleeping mat
  • 10 cm thick sleeping zone
  • square and spacious surface
  • high quality solid foam
  • 100% soft brushed cotton
  • honey comb shaped comfort surface
  • non-slip silicone print on back
  • connection buttons on the side
  • integrated pillow
  • smart carry & compression strap included


Mat type
Self-inflating foam mat
Mat shape
Rectangular with built in pillow
Mat Construction
Horizontal perforation, single row


  • Height : 10 cm
  • Length : 195 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 3100 g
  • Width : 65 cm
Pack sack
  • Type : Carry & compression strap
  • Pack size : 27 x 70 cm



Composition: 100% cotton

Construction: brushed

Farve: Forest Night


Composition: 100% Polyester

Yarn thickness: 150D

Farve: Black

Foam 18kg/m3