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Gorm +10

Spacious summer classic

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Spacious summer classic

Gorm +10° is a very spacious version of the classic Gormsson sleeping bag. Like Gormsson this bag is made of the very soft and extremely durable 30 denier nylon and it is filled with the high quality Norguard S-PO 85 filling, providing excellent insulation, soft handfeel and easy care. With its egg shape Gorm is a sleeping bag for those who want a bit more freedom of movement inside the bag – not least due to the integrated foot box adding extra room for your feet and at the same time keeping them warm. Gorm has a practical pocket inside and is stripped for any annoying Velcro that might tangle up you hair.


  • versatile summer bag
  • very spacious inside
  • egg shaped construction
  • soft quality Norguard filling
  • integrated foot pocket
  • trapezoidal foot box for more room
  • zipper draft tube
  • practical inner pocket
  • no annoying Velcro
  • pack sack with compression straps

The story behind the name

The firt king of Denmark

Gorm the Old was the first historically recognized King of Denmark, reigning from  936 to his death in  958 – one of the longest reigns of any Danish Viking monarch. Gorm the Old was "old" in the sense that he has always been considered the traditional ancestral "head" of the Danish monarchy, and he lived so long that he was blind by the time his son Canute was killed. Gorm's name appears on the Jelling Stones.


Sleeping bag type : Summer


  • Comfort : 14 ℃
  • Limit : 10 ℃
  • Extreme : -2 ℃
  • Tested according to European norm EN 13537


  • Zipper position : Left
  • Zipper length : 3/4 length

Sleeping bag shape : Egg

Construction : Stitched through



  • Shoulder width : 88 cm
  • Foot width : 60 cm