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Gormsson +10

The classic sleeping bag for the summer

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The classic sleeping bag for the summer

The Gormsson +10° is the classic summer bag in the Nordisk collection. Over the years it has been updated and optimised to this modern version. It has a classic mummy construction offering a snug fit and optimal insulation thanks to the Norguard S-PO 85 fibre filling and the integrated foot box keeping your feet warm all night. The lining is a very soft 30 D nylon and the shell is also made of highly durable nylon. To avoid the use of annoying Velcro, the Gormsson features a new innovative 3D neck baffle with magnetic closure making it a both practical and very comfortable sleeping bag.


  • Mummy shaped construction
  • Snug fit
  • Durable shell made of 30 D nylon
  • Soft nylon lining
  • Soft Norguard S-PO 85 filling
  • Integrated foot pocket
  • Trapezoid foot box for more room
  • Inner pocket
  • No Velcro
  • Stuffsack with compression straps

The story behind the name

Harald ”Bluetooth” Gormsson was born in 935 as the son of King Gorm the Old and Thyra Dannebod. As King of Denmark and Norway he erected the very famous Jelling stone in Denmark, where the runic inscription says: “King Harald ordered this monument made in memory of Gorm, his father, and Thyra, his mother. The Harald who ruled the whole of Denmark and Norway and converted the Danes to Christianity.”


Sleeping bag type : Summer


  • Comfort : 14 ℃
  • Limit : 10 ℃
  • Extreme : -2 ℃
  • Tested according to European norm EN 13537


  • Zipper position : Left
  • Zipper length : 3/4 length

Sleeping bag shape : Mummy

Construction : Stitched through



  • Shoulder width : 78 cm
  • Foot width : 55 cm