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More than just a peghammer

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More than just a peghammer

"Hamarr" is much more than a simple peg hammer.
The Nordisk hammer is a proper tool, handcrafted with hard wood and hardened steel. It has a great balance and a feel that goes well beyond that of your average camping utensil. Your pegs won't even know what hit them...

But the Hamarr does not only help you get your camp set up on tough or frozen ground - it also helps you take it down again - with its special designed rear hook to pull the pegs back up.


* hardened steel top
* high end and replaceable brass head
* puller incorporated in back end
* Hard wood shaft
* Unique ax designed shaft
* leather strap
* reinforced shaft protection for missed strikes
* includes fabricated webbing belt holster



  • Length : 30 cm
  • Width : 11 cm


  • Total weight : 630 g


  • Material : Hardened steel & brass
  • Material : Oak wood