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Cosy, cool and warm classic down shoe

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Cosy, cool and warm classic down shoe

The Hermod down shoe is a very soft and very warm down shoe optimal for keeping your feet warm no matter the conditions. It is equipped with an insulating sole and a durable shell filled with soft down – and with the ultra soft and patterned furry lining inside, Hermod will protect your freezing feet and provide a nice, cosy and warm feeling – in a sleeping bag, a tent or at home. On the sole it has an anti-slip nordisk silicone print for a firm stand, and the packable construction makes it extremely compressible and thereby easy to carry. Hermod comes in a practical and packable mesh pouch for minimum pack size.

  • cool down shoe with a classic touch
  • ultra soft lining
  • very soft down
  • elastic drawcord
  • very compressible
  • very durable materials
  • anti-slip branded sole
  • packable
  • integrated roll-up pack sack
  • multi-use carry bag


  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 185 g
  • Shoe size : L
  • Length : 31 cm
  • Official shoe size : 43 - 46
Pack sack
  • Type : Nordisk zipped pack sack
  • Pack size : 11 x 32 cm


Material :

Shell: 100% Organic Cotton

Lining: 100% Polyester Fleece + 100% Organic Cotton Flannel

Filling: Down