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Crystal Down
Masterpiece of Nature

Down – not feathers

Unfortunately, it is a common misunderstanding, that down and feather are one and the same thing. Feathers have a shaft through the middle, contrary to down that have a soft core with a loose structure that traps air. Down are lighter, softer and naturally insulating.

Yeti has more than 30 years of expertise in quality down – producing equipment for expeditions exploring the coldest areas of the world. Therefore, all down products (formerly known as Yeti) are filled with Crystal Down® – a selection of the absolute finest and most voluminous European down.


A Masterpiece of Nature

Mother nature ensures that all down sleeping bags and apparel are highly insulating and keeps you warm while surprisingly light. The secret is the finest insulation material known to man; down – they keep birds warm and yet light enough to fly. Nothing beats Mother Nature.

Down is by nature highly packable as they resist a small amount of pressure but gives in under stronger pressure. The down withstand the impact and return to their initial form when uncompressed.


Ethical Down Code – Respect for nature since 1983

For years Yeti has been working to ensure optimal conditions for its most precious component. Down is a natural product which requires knowledge and care throughout the entire value chain from the egg to the finished down product.

The Nordisk Ethical Down Code ensure the birds welfare. There is a constant focus to keep developing and increasing standards – Nordisk has a “zero tolerance policy”. And all according to the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA).


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Technical specifications

When dealing with down there is a clear connection between price and quality. The two factors that determine quality is the fill power and the mixing ratio. The down from Nordisk has a high score on both and in recognition of their large, organically grown power and beauty they are called Crystal Down®.


Mixing Ratio – the cleanness of the down

Describes the mixing ratio of down and other elements like feathers in percent of the total weight – the higher the proportion of down, the lighter and warmer it is. In a 95/5 mixing ratio the total filling weight of 100 grams contains 95 grams of down and 5 grams of feathers.


Fill Power – the ability to trap air

Is also named loft* or bulking power and is enabled by the natural elasticity of the keratin inside the down. It is measured by putting one ounce (= 28 grams) of down in a standardised flask and loading it with a standard weight. The volume that the down retains under this weight is the fill power in cubic inches (CUIN). The higher the fill power, the better the insulation.


Transparent and traceable

Nordisk only use European down and the Nordisk code of conduct is based on the EDFA Down Codex and traceability (European Down & Feather Association). The EDFA standard is the only to include monitoring of the actual down standard. In addition, the EDFA Down Codex is monitored and controlled by third party; International Down & Feather Laboratories (IDFL).

 yeti down traceability

* Loft is measured by laboratories under the supervision of the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL) in Salt Lake City, USA.