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Winter hygge
Stay warm with nordisk
Danish Christmas

Glædelig jul

‘Glædelig jul’, the danish word for Merry Christmas. A lovely word indeed. Now add Hygge and a Nordisk cotton tent, and you have the perfect recipe for a Danish Christmas to remember. Perfect surroundings for that special feeling, that wonderful moment, and that cozy atmosphere you’re seeking – ‘Glædelig Jul’ from Nordisk.


Nordisk under the Christmas tree

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Stay warm with Nordisk

10 brilliant products to beat the cold

Home isn’t always warm and toasty. Luckily, we are the down specialist and have been mastering warmth for cold conditions for decades.
During the colder parts of the year, it can be tricky to stay warm without cranking up the heat. There is a simple method to help you stay warm that don't involve increasing your utility bill; Bring your outdoor gear into your living room. 

We keep you warm, safe and happy!

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Danish Gløgg recipe

Let's introduce our traditional danish 'Gløgg': A sweet and spicy seasonal love affair.

Drinking wine is normally a sophisticated process, where you can swirl it around before you carefully take the first sip. You could also just chuck it in a pot, throw in spices, sugar and alcohol and bring it to a boil. That is what we do in Denmark - around Christmas anyway.

Gløgg is perfect Hygge in the camp during the cold season. We give you the recipe for Gløgg right here:

Get the Gløgg recipe 

In Denmark, gløgg pairings typically include 'æbleskiver' sprinkled with powdered sugar and accompanied by strawberry marmalade.

Danish Christmas cookies

Mmmmm, nothing like Christmas cookies... Served on Nordisk Madam Blå of course. We give you the recipe for our traditional Christmas cookies:

Bake your own cookies

Nordisk Polar Bear julehjerte

Most people who celebrate Christmas in Denmark are familiar with braided Christmas hearts. The classic Danish Christmas heart is red and white like the Danish flag. But it can also be in other shapes and colours - It could be a Nordisk Polar bear!

Get in the right Nordisk Christmas spirit and make your own Nordisk Polar bear or a Classic Danish 'Julehjerte':  

Christmas deCorations