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Ethical Down Code

Our own, decades old, internal standards for animal welfare and down quality still surpasses any international standard.

Handmade in Germany

Since 1983, skilled local specialists have been making all our down sleeping bags by hand, exchanged ruptured down chambers in jackets and generally helped our customers wash, care and repair their cherished down products.


The World’s lightest

We hold several world records for ultralight outdoor gear. Our superior down quality. plays an important part in keeping performance up and weight down.






Ethical down code
Made in Germany
The worlds lightest






We develop equipment for expeditions exploring the coldest areas of the world and therefore, all our products are filled with Crystal Down® – a selection of the absolute finest and most voluminous European down. A single Crystal Down® has a huge diameter of up to 4 cm and white fluffy ”arms” to entrap air and ensure optimal insulation. It takes up to 1000 pieces of Crystal Down® to reach just 1 gram of filling.


Down is the greatest, lightest and most natural insulation material known to man. Nothing beats Mother Nature. Keeping waterbirds warm all winter and still light enough to fly, down are complex structures with thousands and thousands of super-soft, keratin filaments that grow radially outwards from a tiny centre.


Not only will down insulation keep you warmer and lighter than any synthetic alternative, it also compresses much better, leaving you warm, with more space in your pack and light enough to fly.

Nature’s Own Choice


Crystal Down sleeping bags


Mens Down jackets


Womens Down jackets







Natural down has a tendency to collapse when wet, which occasionally has left down fanatics frustrated (and cold) in humid conditions. But not anymore.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent) technology prevents down from absorbing water, thus eliminating the one disadvantage clinging to nature’s finest insulation material. We refer to these hydrophobic down as Crystal Down Dry®.

We originally introduced this innovative down in 2014 and now use Crystal Down Dry® in a wide range of products including the Arctic range of high-end sleeping bags and the entire range of down filled rain jackets, empowering polar adventurers and weekend outdoorers alike to take on any weather conditions.



Crystal Down Dry sleeping bags


Mens Crystal Down Dry jackets


Womens Crystal Down Dry jackets






Handmade in Germany


Since 1983, we have been crafting our down filled sleeping bags in Germany, by hand. A rare and proud tradition that would have been easy to abandon by finding cheaper labour and rent elsewhere on the planet. But we choose to do the opposite.



Die Manufaktur

In 2020, we invested in a new state-of-the-art facility in Görlitz to carry on this tradition with pride and dedication. By staying close to our customers in Europe, we offer unique services, extraordinary quality and a guarantee that your product is made to last forever.



Any Size. Any shape. For any temperature.

Having trouble finding a sleeping bag that fits you perfectly? Or one that meets your demand for insulation? Because we make ours by hand, we can tailor a down sleeping bag by your exact wishes. Contact us if you are interested in a Nordisk Taylormade® sleeping bag.

Zolli has been sewing sleeping bags for us for more than 30 years. She knows everything about how to make the perfect sleeping bag!



Nordisk Care & Repair

True sustainability begins with products that last.




With skilled craftsmanship and modern service facilities placed locally in Europe, we can ensure a fast, reliable and easy service on all products, so you can enjoy nature with a clean conscience.


Prolong your product lifespan

A careful selection of sustainable materials and production processes is only half the journey to a truly sustainable product. Expanding the product lifespan is really the simplest and most obtainable way to ensure our pact with nature. By buying quality products, built to withstand the surroundings you use it in, and designed to last, you can save our precious environment tons of CO2 emissions.


Repair service

In the unlucky case of breakage or damage to your product, we offer in-house repair service by our highly skilled machinists. Chances are, that it may be the same person who made your sleeping bag in the first place. Whether your product has a tear, needs a new zipper or simply needs a refill of down to restore the fill power, our repair service is a quick and highly qualified solution to your needs.

Get in touch with our specilialists


Wash service

Down products are often chosen because they are naturally light, airy and fluffy. But they can be a bit difficult to handle, when it comes to cleaning. Both down and technical fabrics are delicate and require special treatment to maintain its high natural quality. That is why we offer a unique wash and care service for all our products, making sure they will last a lifetime, for the benefit of your wallet and the Nature we care so deeply for.
Let us wash your down jacket or sleeping bag

Ethical Down Code
For decades, we have followed our own Ethical Down Code to ensure animal welfare and traceability.

Ethical Down Code


Crystal Down® naturally abides by the RDS – Responsible Down Standard, but our internal regulations go beyond those required by RDS and the EDFA – European Down and Feather association. For decades, Nordisk (and former sister-brand Yeti) has followed our own Ethical Down Code to ensure animal welfare and traceability.

The Ethical Down code secures that:

  • All animal handling is guided by a clear code of conduct.
  • We only use RDS certified down.
  • Crystal Down derives only from birds for meat production, no live plucking allowed.
  • No force feeding is allowed.
  • Crystal Down derive from free range birds – no steel cage birds allowed.
  • That birds have free access to healthy food, water, shelter, and light.
  • Flock density is restricted and monitored.
  • Handling and transportation is legislated.
  • No parallel production is allowed.
  • We only use European birds from European farms. European down is widely accepted as both the finest and most responsible down choice.
  • The down we use can always be traced back to its origin.

All recorded by the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA) and monitored and controlled by an independent third party, which is the International Down and Feather Laboratories (IDFL).

Down Sleeping Bags


Tension Sleeping bags


Fever Ultra


V.I.B. Sleeping bags





What is down?


Contrary to common belief, down and feathers are not the same thing. In fact, the expression “light as a feather” would have been a much stronger statement if it were “light as down”, as down is much lighter, softer and better insulating.

Down – not feathers


Down is a cluster, a 360° fluffy structure with a soft core, a few sub-branches and a large number of fibrils that tangle to create insulating air pockets. Furthermore, down is ultra-compressible and has an extremely high recovery rate.

Feathers, on the contrary, form a quill, that break under pressure and have very low insulation.

Down filling will always have a small portion of small feather parts in a final mixture. This is measured by a percentage, e.g. 80% down/20% feather. The higher the down percentage the better the final insulation performance.

Crystal Down® is measured and labelled by high and straightforward EN standards. Crystal Down® reaches up to 900FP (fill power) in a 95/5 down feather ratio, as indicated on the inside label of the product.

Fill Power – the ability to trap air

Down are static masterpieces with a fill power (or loft) that resists a small amount of pressure but gives in under stronger pressure. This resistance power is enabled by the natural elasticity of the keratin inside the down.

Fill power is measured by laboratories under the supervision of the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL) in Salt Lake City, USA. It is measured by putting one ounce (= 28 grams) of down in a standardised flask and loading it with a standard weight. The volume that the down retains under this weight is the fill power in cubic inches (CUIN), indicated on a scale from approx. 400 to approx. 950 CUIN.

The higher the fill power, the better the insulation.

Down is not just down


The best quality of down comes from waterbirds like geese and duck, in particular larger birds, simply because they carry larger down.

Nordisk Crystal Down primarily derive from a species called Koluda, which is a large type of goose. This ensures a high quality and large sized down clusters.

A single Crystal Down® is indeed fine as a crystal and has a large diameter of up to 4 cm and white fluffy ”arms” to entrap air and ensure optimal performance.

It takes up to 1000 pieces of Crystal Down® to reach 1 gram of filling!


Heritage of the red Y

For almost 40 years, Yeti has supplied athletes and adventurers with great design, high quality and that extraordinary feeling of lightness and comfort that comes with down filling of the finest quality available. Since 2008, Yeti has been owned and produced by Nordisk and in 2020 we took the final step to let the two become one united brand.

The iconic red Y, which has adorned Yeti products for decades, will continue to symbolize the quality and legacy on Nordisk down garments and sleeping bags.

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