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New Oppland PU series







Our Oppland has levelled up

Our best-in-class tunnel tent has taken a quantum leap forward with a complete redesign; components, architecture, features, openings, compatibility, ventilation… you name it.




Increased wall height

The angle on the tunnel arch has increased dramatically, giving a much bigger sense of space, especially for sitting near the walls.




Easier pitch

By adding pole-socks in one side, the Oppland PU-series is now easier than ever to pitch.




Higher entrance

The height on the entrances has increased, making it much easier to get you and your luggage in and out.




Full view

You can unzip the entire front end for a full 180º view outside - actually it has 4 different front opening modes to suit weather conditions.




Tarp attachment

Attachment points on pole channel to attach a tarp.




High quality materials

The tent is constructed with aluminum poles and a strong PU rip-stop fabric, to give you a sturdy and long-lasting quality tent that be begging you for new adventures. Over and over again.