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1. Content of the online proposition
The vendor gives no guarantee for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims made against the vendor that relate to loss/damage of a material or immaterial nature caused by the utilisation or non-utilisation of the information provided or by the utilisation of defective or incomplete information are excluded on principle, provided that there has been no demonstrably intentional fault or gross negligence on the part of the vendor. All propositions are made without obligation and are subject to confirmation. The vendor expressly reserves the right to amend, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire proposition without special notice or to end publication temporarily or permanently.


2. References and links
In the event of direct or indirect references to external Internet pages ('links') that lie outside the vendor's sphere of responsibility then a liability obligation would only come into force if the vendor knew of this content and - in the case of unlawful content - it was both technically feasible of him to prevent usage and reasonable to expect him to do so. The vendor hereby expressly declares that at the time that the link was inserted, no unlawful content could be identified on the pages that were to be linked to.


3. Product information
General deviations for data, such as weight and dimensions/volume can be up to 5%. Weight data is excluding hangtags/packaging and detachable packsacks.


4. Copyright and trademark law
The copyright for published objects/items that the vendor has created himself remains solely with the vendor of the pages. No duplication or utilisation of such graphics, audio clips, video clips and texts in other electronic or printed publications is permitted without the vendor's express consent. In all publications, the vendor endeavours to comply with the copyrights for the graphics, audio clips, video clips and texts used, to use graphics, audio clips, video clips and texts that he has created himself or to revert to graphics, audio clips, video clips and texts that are in the public domain. All brands and trademarks (including those protected by third parties) used for the Internet proposition are unrestrictedly subject to the provisions of the respective trademark law as amended and to the possessory rights of the respective registered owner(s). It should not be concluded from the mere mention of a brand that it is not protected by third-party rights! 


5. Data protection
In so far as there is the potential to enter personal or business details (e-mail addresses, names, street/town/city addresses) as part of the Internet proposition then the disclosure of this data by the user takes place on an explicitly voluntary basis. In so far as technically feasible and reasonable, the utilisation of and payment for all services offered is also permitted without disclosing such data or by disclosing anonymised data or by using a pseudonym.
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 6. Legal effectiveness of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability is to be viewed as part of the Internet proposition from which this page was referred to/linked to. If parts of or individual formulations in this text no longer conform with the applicable legal position or else do not, or do not fully, conform with it then this does not affect the content or validity of the remaining parts of the document.