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Product added to basket

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Shipping to all of Europe
Easy exchange service
Delivery 2-5 days



Return notice
If you regret your purchase it is important that you give us notice of this by writing to us at
The product must be unused and returned in original packaging incl. hang tags that have not yet been removed from the product. You have 14 days to return the item to us from the time you have informed us that you have regretted your purchase.


Return form
You also need to fill in the return form you received with your item. 


Where should I return to?
Our warehouse is located in Germany, and you should send the package to this address:

Nordisk Freizeit GmbH
Max-Weber-Strasse 16
D-25451 Quickborn


Can I drop by your store with my products?
No. We have no physical store.


Further questions
You are always welcome to contact us at if you have any questions we have not answered here.