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FunFact: Outdoor improves your life



A scientific review of 133 studies has elaborately documented how being active and sleeping outside not only improves your perception of quality in life, it literally improves your life! You’ll live longer. Happier. With improved health, more energy and more stories to pass on. 

The study shows that not only will an active outdoor life have physical benefits for the individual, it also has a noticeable impact on society, education and even crime rates. But the most apparent benefit is mental health.

So now is the time to get on the outdoor train and change our lives for the better. We want to inspire everyone to get a taste of nature, to make it accessible and manageable and to let the smell of bonfire smoke spread into our everyday lives. Outdoor is not just for a select few bushcrafters, endurance athletes and mountaineers - it is for everyone.

That is why Nordisk is committed to the evolution of the image of outdoor. We love big adventures that challenge the perceived boundaries of human capability. Just as much as we love the relaxing sound of forests, the smell of bonfires and the cuddly feeling of crawling into a sleeping bag at night.

With sustainable quality products, inspirational imagery, stories and your help, we want to enable a much broader audience to benefit from nature's free buffet of life improving advantages. Help us inspire more people with pictures from beach trips, garden parties, yoga lessons, picnics and camping holidays #ThisIsOutdoorToo 

Hoping to include more people in the outdoor megatrend, we are well aware of the added pressure we put on nature. So it is absolutely necessary, that such a movement is accompanied with both knowledge of how to behave in the wild and #LeaveNoFootprint and with equipment that has a whole new level of sustainability, circularity and biodegradability built into them.

Nordisk will be frontrunners on all of these in the years to come.

And to put action behind our words of being a source of inspiration, visiting Nordisk will no longer be like visiting an office. We are rethinking the entire idea of a brand headquarter and will inaugurate our new basecamp before the next collection hits the shops. When you come to visit, you will witness an inspiring working campsite that is both in the center of the Outdoor Capital of Denmark and right next to nature.