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Yeti becomes part of Nordisk

After 15 years of close family ties, Yeti now officially becomes part of Nordisk.
Take a look at our new collection of premium down filled apparel and sleeping bags, which complements our existing range perfectly. Our down products will continue to bear the iconic red Y, an established symbol of exceptional quality, animal welfare and heritage of Yeti.

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The 2 Kilo Camp

Nordisk introduces: The 2 kilo camp

Yeti and Nordisk complement each other perfectly. By merging the two brands, you only need to look in one direction, when choosing products for an ultralight adventure. And you can still recognize the exclusive down products by the iconic red Y.


What’s your passion?


Get the feeling of going to bed in a hotel room, but wake up in the fresh air and listen to the birds singing and the wind whistling in the leaves.


Going on a long, demanding trip? Our trekking tents will love to be your lifetime adventure buddy. Always there when you need it! Sturdy, reliable and tough as nails. Our tent will never leave you behind.  


You know that every gram counts, if you have to carry it up a mountain. At night. With someone chasing you, whether it is a wild animal or your closest race rival.

But did you know that Nordisk can supply an entire camp with only 1 kilo of weight in your bag?

Explore the collection
Explore the collection