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Jarnvid 8 m² technical cotton tent

Your Four-Season Fortress

EUR 899,95

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Your Four-Season Fortress

Stove-ready and with room for four, Jarnvid is a reliable cotton basecamp, designed for adventurers who demand functionality and flexibility for all four seasons.

The name derives from the mythological Iron Forest, the unpassable boundary between Midgard and Utgard. Like its namesake, Jarnvid is a resilient barrier against the elements. The adjustable height means it can stand tall to welcome gentle breezes in summer or hunker down against stormy winds and snowdrifts in winter. With thought-through ventilation options, a scalable apsis and the integrated stove exit, our design team has done everything to make this tent adaptable to any season. Whether you're bracing against high winds or seeking extra airflow in the heat, you can easily shift its stance, simply by extending the flexible poles.

The front apsis can be unzipped completely to reveal a sweeping 180-degree view, or it can serve as tailored protection against wind, snow, rain or sun in any of the countless setup variations. The technical cotton flysheet is both tough and breathable, engineered to keep you comfortable in any season.
Ventilation is a breeze in the Jarnvid, thanks to its large back vent, which can be operated from the inside. This secures a steady airflow, allowing you both to easily cool down a warm tent, but also to distribute heat and secure a fresh and smoke-free environment, when using a stove inside. The sturdy 150 D sewn-in groundsheet keeps both you and your belongings dry, provide a reliable flooring, and can be adjusted in size to suit your need for a perfect cabin:apsis-ratio.
Jarnvid is all about functionality. It’s about making your trip as smooth as possible, with features that work for you, come rain, shine, or snow. So pack up, head out, and make the great outdoors your own with Jarnvid.


  • 4 season cotton tent
  • Build-in chimney exit
  • Front apsis is prepared for a small tent stove
  • Height adjustable from 160 - 175 cm
  • Spacious for 4 adults


The story behind the name

Jarnvid is the Old Norse Járnviðr which is a forest in Jotunheim consisting entirely of trees made of iron, which in Norse mythology separated the world of men, Midgard, from Udgard, the world of giants lived. Jarnvid was also home to the giantess Hyrrokin and the Fenriswolf himself, so the name Jernved is therefore a name used for a inaccessible
strong impassable forest know one can pass.
And the name Jarnvid was therefore used by the Vikings for the forest line who stretched from coast to coast in the north of Germany in the old Danish kingdom as a extension of Danevirke defence wall.



Single wall


  • 4 person tent





  • Length : 360 cm
  • Width : 280 cm
  • Height : 170 cm


  • Total weight : 12.3 kg

Pack size

  • Diameter : 30 cm
  • Length : 56 cm



  • Name : Technical cotton
  • Composition : 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Construction : Technical weave with breathable finish
  • Hydrostatic head : 350 mm
  • Colour : Sandshell

Ground sheet

  • Name : Tarpaulin
  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Denier : 150D
  • Hydrostatic head : 8000 mm
  • Colour : Sandshell

Tent accessories

  • Poles : Steel
  • Pegs : Steel


Included accessories:


Adjustable steel pole (190-230 cm)

2 pieces

Steel nail (20 cm)

; 20 pieces