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Jotunheim 56.5

The natural born event tent

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The natural born event tent

Jotunheim 56.5 is a huge cotton tent with room enough for up to 40 persons sleeping. Named after the homeland of the Giants in Norse mythology Jotunheim is a great choice at any larger event where it can be used as group tent for sleeping, presentation, gathering, eating or as a kindergarten or HQ at e.g. sports events. Adding tailored cabins turns Jotunheim into a house of compartments with room for 20 people sleeping. Jotunheim offers stand up height in the entire floor space, huge zip-off entrances in both ends, two doors and two windows in each side and side panels, which can be rolled up, making it the event tent.

  • fits 40+ people
  • extremely spacious and very flexible
  • no freestanding poles
  • ideal for events and gatherings
  • two windows with curtains on each side
  • all side panels can be folded up
  • skirtings for rain protection
  • pegs with hole for added strength in sandy ground
  • high end packsack for easy packing
  • fits 8-10 inner cabins (available as accessory)
The story behind the name

Land of Giants

Jotunheim (Jötunheimr) is in Norse mythology one of the Nine Worlds and the homeland of the Giants, ruled by King Thrym. The Jötunn is a mythological race, separate from the Æsir and Vanir but of comparable strength and ability. Jotunheim is separated from Asgard, the realm of gods, by the river Ifing, and from Midgard, the world of humans, by high mountains or dense forests.


Hydrostatic head
  • Flysheet : 350 mm
Tent construction
Single wall


  • Type : group tent
  • Flysheet size (LxWxH : 1000 x 565 x 280 cm
  • Weight : 150 kg
Pack sack
  • Type : Pack sack with carry handles
Floor plan



Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Construction: Technical Weave with breathable finish

Weight 185 g/m2

Farve: Natural


Included accessories:
Guy rope: Strong high tenacity Polyester 5.0 with Nordisk alu triangular slider
Poles: Steel
Pegs: Steel V-peg 96 pieces
Available accessories:
Inner cabin, Jotunheim 56.5
Jotunheim 56.5 spare poles