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Lofoten 1 ULW tent

Ridiculously small. Unbelievably light.

Burnt Red - 151018

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Ridiculously small. Unbelievably light.

The further you have to go, the more you will love yourself for bringing the Lofoten along. We designed this multi-award winning ultra lightweight race tent to meet the demands for a reliable shelter, that you can pitch in an instant, carry without noticing and pack in the bottle pockets on your race vest. 


The Lofoten 1 ULW is a 2 layer tent with an incredible race-weight of just 490g. It was born as the lightest tent in the world and has the smallest pack size ever seen. 

This is all down to the state of the art poles with ultra-short segment lengths, enabling an uncompressed pack size of only 11 x 22cm. The fabric is the ultra-thin Nortech T-NY 7D nylon with a weight of only 26g/m2. Despite its delicate soft feel, the 3 layers of silicone coating on each side ensures high durability, water repellency fit for a wet and windy Scandinavian climate and the new Flex-rope Suspension System adds high flexibility and strength.

It goes without saying that the Lofoten is perfect for ultralight bikepacking, trekking or multiday-racing. You will not find better protection lighter and smaller anywhere. Guaranteed.

Oh. Did we forget to mention? The Lofoten 1 can transformed to a 2-person tent by simply replacing the cabin, adding a mere 10 grams to the total weight.


So, are you willing to sacrifice extra space for extra pace?


Watch the build-up instructions on our  Youtube-channel Nordisk TV .


  • Ultralight and compact
  • Adjustable cabin width
  • Very quick to pitch
  • Possible to pitch inner tent only
  • Small porch for storage
  • Centred foot-end pole to optimise space
  • Nordisk Flex-rope Suspension System
  • Integrated packsack in detachable inner pocket
  • Arches and 2 mesh ventilations to optimise airflow
  • Comes with a free bonus pack incl. pegs, guy ropes etc.


The story behind the name

Lofoten is an archipelago within the Arctic Circle in the Nordland county of Norway. It experiences one of the world's largest elevated temperature anomalies relative to its high latitude. Lofoten means ”foot of a lynx” probably refering to the shape of the island. The neighbour island Flakstadøya was originally named Vargfót meaning 'the foot of a wolf'.



Outer pitched


Double wall, Single wall

Pack sack

  • Pack sack with guy line and cord stopper closing


  • 1 person tent



Download build up instructions:



  • Length : 250 cm
  • Width : 125 cm
  • Height : 80 cm

Inner tent

  • Length : 220 cm
  • Width : 85 cm
  • Height : 70 cm


  • Total weight : 720 g
  • Official weight : 560 g
  • Indicates the total weight of the product and packsack, with only the accessories needed for normal use (extra packsacks, bonus packs etc. excluded.)
  • Trim weight : 520 g
  • Indicates the weight of the product and the absolute minimum of required accessories. (Excluding all packsacks, excess guyline, pegs, repair kit etc. )

Pack size

  • Length : 22 cm
  • Diameter : 11 cm

Floor plan


This products is PFC free


  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Coating : Silicon Coating
  • Weight : 26 g/m2
  • Denier : 7D
  • Thread count : 580T
  • Hydrostatic head : 1600 mm
  • Colour : Burnt Red

Inner tent

  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Weight : 26 g/m2
  • Denier : 15D
  • Thread count : 341T
  • Colour : Mustard Yellow

Ground sheet

  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Coating : PU Coating
  • Denier : 15D
  • Hydrostatic head : 3600 mm
  • Colour : Black

Tent accessories

  • Poles : Aluminium
  • Pegs : Titanium, Aluminium
  • Guy line : Dyneema


Included accessories:

Guy lines: 1.2 mm dyneema
Poles: ULW Lite, 7.5 Aluminium 3 pieces
Pegs: Nordisk titanium tooth peg, 1 g; 5 pieces

Bonus pack

Bonus pack includes:

  • 5 pcs. Triple Twister pegs
  • 13 pcs. Mini Hook
  • 3 x 450 cm Dyneema guy rope
  • Loops for inner tent
  • Hook and slider for attaching 1-man inner tent
  • 1 pole repair tube
  • Silicone rings
  • 5 pcs. silicone 0-rings (NFSS)
  • 3 spare O-rings
  • 2 pcs. of repair webbing
  • 1 pcs. door-tarp pole
  • Repair fabric

Available accessories:

Lofoten 1 + 2 footprint
Lofoten 2 inner tent
Lofoten spare pole set