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Ergonomically designed and versatile pillow

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Ergonomically designed and versatile pillow

Morgen is a square and soft pillow in an ergonomic design optimized to fit the body. It is based on an inflatable construction, where air and foam together offers a soft and at the same time firm support to the head and body. The shell fabric is soft brushed micro fibre polyester with extremely durable oxford on the back, making it great to bring along as a sitting pillow – no matter if the surface is wet or cold, this pillow offers a comfortable alternative to sit on. The relative small pack size fits perfectly into most bags – but also into a car, boat, bike or kayak, where a small and flexible pillow often is nice to have.

  • classical square shape
  • self-Inflating foam construction
  • ergonomic design
  • the shape follows your spine
  • inflatable high quality foam
  • soft brushed micro fibre fabric
  • high comfort
  • excellent for sitting
  • extremely durable oxford on the back
  • easy lock valve


Mat type
Self-inflating foam pillow
Mat shape


  • Height : 8 cm
  • Length : 35 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 230 g
  • Width : 35 cm
Pack sack
  • Type : Pack sack
  • Pack size : 8 x 35 cm



Composition: 100% polyester

Construction: Brushed

Yarn thickness: 75D x 150D

Farve: Peridot Green


Composition: 100% Oxford polyester

Yarn thickness: 150D

Farve: Black

Solid foam