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Nordisk ✕ Helinox Lounge Chair

Comfy portable high back chair

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Comfy portable high back chair

This lightweight chair is designed specifically and solely for lounging. It is designed with a higher back rest and the perfect place for a leaned back coffee break. It is strong and durable, made with a packable aluminium frame and a special new fabric by Nordisk. The fabric has the look of canvas and the lightness of linen, with a lifestyle feeling.



  • Setup in seconds
  • Ultra-small pack size
  • Low weight
  • Comfortable and cosy


Material Nordisk furnitures

100 % Polyester 600D, Aluminium frame



  • Height : 97 cm
  • Weight in gram : 1630 g
  • Length : 60 cm
  • Weight Load : 145 kg

Pack sack

  • PackSize : 15 x 46 cm