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Madam Blå

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Madam Blå is serving coffee again


The scent. The colour. The memories. Freshly brewed coffee has always been linked to a warm and cosy atmosphere. Families and friends getting together, sharing a valuable moment. Now the iconic Danish “Madam Blå” coffee pot is relaunched in a new series of enamelled kitchenware, and genuine Danish “hygge” spreads to the whole world.



If you have ever visited Denmark, you might have seen Madam Blå in a vintage shop. It’s even found in the National Museum, and it supports the story of a coffee pot, that once upon a time was found in every Danish home - even the King and the Queen had one. Madam Blå is nostalgic,  solid Danish design, associated with wonderful childhood memories and “hygge” with the family.

Nordisk* is now relaunching two series of the beautiful Madam Blå enamel kitchenware; all based on the original design launched more than 100 years ago. In the series you will find cups, plates, bowls, pots and of course the iconic blue coffee pot. All products are made of steel with enamel; a heat-resistant and incredibly durable material, also very easy to clean. Even with everyday use, the products last for generations, thus making it a far more sustainable choice compared to plastic and disposable service. This truly makes the Madam Blå series the right choice for glamping, shelter trips and the outdoors.

Are you dreaming of picnics with a bonfire or have you already started to plan next summer’s garden party, Madam Blå not only ads the perfect frame, but also a beautiful, authentic and cosy atmosphere.

Madam Blå Coffee pot 1.5 liters can be used for both gas, induction and over an open fire. The coffee is brewed in the upper part, which can be removed. The jug can also be used for other hot drinks.

The Madam Blå series is launche din two colours, the classic blue and a cream white with a green border. In the series you will find: 

  • Enameled cup large (350 ml) – or small (250 ml)
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Small pot
  • Measuring cup
  • Coffee pot

You will find Madam Blå in leading outdoor and lifestyle stores and online on

For more information:  Else Sørup, Head of Global Marketing. Mail: Phone:  +4520417870

*Nordisk is a Danish company with roots dating back to 1901. Nordisk is among Europe's leading manufacturers of outdoor equipment, including tents for glamping, hiking and expeditions, as well as down sleeping bags. Nordisk produces a wide range of outdoor and lifestyle equipment and its products are marketed in many parts of the world, including Scandinavia, Germany, France, England, Japan, China and Korea.

The story of Madam Blå

Enameled kitchenware was launched in Denmark by Glud and Marstrand in the late 1800s, and it quickly became popular in Danish kitchens. The enamel products were aesthetic to look at, hygienic in use, and it was perceived as something clean and nice. In the early 1900s the now well-known blue series were launched and it became such a great success that today all enameled kitchenware is called Madam Blå, despite the different colors and the fact, that is was only intended to be a slogan for the original blue coffee pot. During the thirties every Danish housewife had the blue coffee pot, and young housewife’s wanted enameled kitchenware. Later more colors were added, and a newspaper report from 1935 stated, then even King Frederik and Queen Ingrid decorated the kitchen in their summerhouse in Trend, with equipment in red enamel.