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Oscar -20

Innovative technology for extreme use

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Innovative technology for extreme use

Oscar -20° is the most extreme bag in the technical Oscar family, making it the natural choice for more extreme adventures. The revolutionary new tubic construction, where the chambers are running lengthwise, distributes the air equally throughout the bag creating an even insulation in all sections offering the best warmth to weight ratio yet seen. To protect against cold a wind membrane has been added, which together with the contoured and tight hood makes Oscar a great choice for sleeping in the open, in a hammock or in a shelter. The snug and relative wide Oscar even has a trapezoidal foot box for more room inside.

  • new innovative tubic construction
  • even heat distribution in full length
  • very low weight for a synthetic bag
  • very small packsize
  • breathable wind-blocking membrane
  • optimal for sheltering or in the open
  • extreme warmth to weight ratio
  • trapezoidal footbox for more room
  • fitted hood
  • integrated pillow pocket on the back
The story behind the name

Founder of Scandinavian equality

Oscar I (1799-1859) was born as Joseph François Oscar Bernadotte and was King of Sweden and Norway 1844-59, which he formally united through new flags. His father was the first ruler of the House of Bernadotte, and his mother was Désirée Clary, the first fiancée of Napoleon Bonaparte, who also became Oscar's godfather. Oscar established freedom of press, but he also passed the first law towards gender equality in Sweden.


Sleeping bag type : Extreme
  • Extreme : -40 ℃
  • Limit : -20 ℃
  • Comfort : -10 ℃
  • Tested according to European norm EN 13537
Sleeping bag shape : Mummy
Construction : Tubic

Design features :
Fitted hood

Nordisk 3-Season, Winter and Extreme bags are all constructed with a fitted hood to protect from the cold and create the option for blocking out all cold air.

Integrated pillow pocket


  • Length : 230 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 2100 g
  • Body length : 195 cm - 205 cm
  • Shoulder width : 75 cm
  • Foot width : 53 cm
Pack sack
  • Type : Compression bag
  • Pack size : 30 x 44 cm
  • Compressed : 30 x 38 cm



Composition: 100% Nylon

Farve: Mustard Yellow


Composition: 100% Nylon

Farve: Black


This highly technical synthetic filling combines extreme softness with high insulation. The layered construction offers a versatile performance where each layer offers its own unique benefit while the breathable membrane works as a virtual pump, actively drawing moisture away while retaining warmth within.

  • extreme thermal efficiency
  • breathable membrane
  • versatile performance capabilities