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Marco Urso

What is your passion?

Wildlife and travel photography

“I wanted a simpler but immensely richer life with more room for personal interests – including photography ”

Capture the wildlife

Marco Urso

Born in 1958, Marco Urso is an author and wildlife and travel photographer. Over the past decade, he has devoted himself entirely to his passion for photography, which goes back to his teen years. During his career, he founded and directed two magazines, and an association devoted to young travelers. For several years he headed the national FIAVET (Tour operators association) committee for young travelers.

Marco started taking pictures as a teenager using a basic rangefinder. He developed and printed his own photos and won his first contest at the age of nineteen with a reportage on Venice. He soon found himself capturing the wildlife and made a living out of it. Today, Marco is a wildlife and travel photographer: from a photographic standpoint, both areas have a great deal in common, requiring a synthesis of technique, instantaneous photographic vision and the mirror of inner emotion. Marco devotes great attention to light in his shots, to composition as the narration of a story, and he spends little time on post-production. His photographs are used for nature and travel books around the world, and are published by periodicals such as National Geographic, Nature Images, Nature Best, Outdoor Photographer, Asferico, Natura e Oasis, and Go Nordic.

Marco Urso

”I wanted to embark on a simpler but immensely richer life with more room for personal interests – including photography. In 2016 I was world champion for wildlife photography”

wildlife photography

World champion for wildlife photography

Marco Urso has received over 150 prizes and awards on a national and international level, such as the National Geographic Prize, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Glanzlichter, GDT, Hasselblad Awards, Nature Best, Outdoor Photographer of the Year, Campionato Italiano di Fotografia Naturalistica, Big Picture and BioPhoto Contest.

His photographs have been exhibited in Washington, San Francisco, London, Cologne, Singapore, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Dublin and Tokyo, and in Italy’s most important cities and museums. He has visited seventy-four countries. Marco writes and publishes articles in the periodicals Oasis, Natura, Asferico and Image Mag, and in English and German for the magazine Go Nordic.