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Polyester 3.0 mm Guy Line (15m)

Great guy rope optimal as a supplement

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Great guy rope optimal as a supplement

The 3.0 mm Polyester Guy Rope is a great supplement when you need some spare guy rope for additional fastening of your tent, tarp or as an extra luxury e.g. a washing line. It is standard for Reisa tents as Polyester is a sturdy and durable material that offers great value for money. Even though it doesn’t offer the same strength as nylon, it is still relatively strong, crisp and resilient, wet or dry. On the other hand, Polyester is slightly more heat- and UV-resistant and also dries a little faster. Easy to use with built-in reflectivity to make sure, you don’t trip at night.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated reflective yarn
  • Great when you need lots of rope (for tarps)
  • Highly suitable as a supplement guy rope
  • Standard with Nordisk Reisa 4 and Reisa 6



  • Length : 15 m
  • Pieces in set : 1


  • Material : Polyester