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Puk +10

Great summer sleeping bag with lots of features

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Great summer sleeping bag with lots of features

Puk +10° offers great value for money. Its engineered mummy construction provides a snug fit keeping your body warm all night. It has a durable shell and is filled with Norguard S-PO 80. Inside the bag the soft brushed lining offers a soft and very nice feel – and there are no compromises on details: integrated inner pocket for personal items, ¾ length zipper with anti snag zipper protection, off-set drawcord for a more comfortable sleep and an engineered hood for optimal protection and comfort are some of the details making Puk a great choice for the occasional outdoorer who needs a good reliable bag for the summer.

  • comfortable summer bag
  • soft quality Norguard filling
  • spacious trapezoidal footbox
  • soft brushed lining
  • anti snag zipper protection
  • zipper draft tube
  • off-set drawcord
  • practical inner pocket
  • no annoying Velcro
The story behind the name

Worm-like human creature

The Tisikh Puk originates from the mythology of the Inuit people of the Bering Sea and was a colossal worm-like creature from a distant primordial period. A period in which it was believed that animals had the power to change their form into that of a human being, which also goes for the Tisikh Puk. Many Inuit artefacts of the Tisikh Puk shows it with the body of a worm or caterpillar with the head of a human.


Sleeping bag type : Summer
  • Extreme : -2 ℃
  • Limit : 10 ℃
  • Comfort : 14 ℃
  • Tested according to European norm EN 13537
Sleeping bag shape : Mummy
Construction : Stitched through

Design features :
Flat hood

Nordisk Summer bags are constructed with a flat hood to cater for the warmer climate. It provides a nice blanket for resting your head onto and if you need to protect yourself from the wind or cold it can be pulled closely around your face by using the drawcords.

Inner pocket

Easy reachable inner pocket for storing valuables.

Zipper draft tube

Preventing cold spots.

Off-set drawcord


  • Length : 230 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 880 g
  • Body length : 195 cm - 205 cm
  • Shoulder width : 83 cm
  • Foot width : 50 cm
Pack sack
  • Type : Compression bag
  • Pack size : 14 x 29 cm
  • Compressed : 14 x 23 cm


Outer shell

Composition: 100% Polyester

Thread count: 195T

Colour, Front: Peridot Green

Colour, Back: Black


Composition: 100% Polyester

Construction: Brushed

Thread count: 260T

Farve: Black


Specially Nordisk developed synthetic fibre with soft touch and high loft providing extra warmth for a comfortable sleep. Norguard S-PO 80 is non-allergic and meets Öko-Tex Standard 100.

  • soft touch
  • low maintenance
  • non-allergic