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Puk Scout Sleeping Bag

Great 3-season sleeping bag for little adventurers & scouts - in two colour ways

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Great 3-season sleeping bag for little adventurers & scouts - in two colour ways

Having a sleeping bag of  their own is the greatest things for little adventurers. Puk Scout is a perfect 3-season adventure companion designed for children in the growing age. It is constructed in an expandable design with a zipper at the foot end so the bag can be adjusted to fit the body length. The length of the sleeping bag can be extended fitting kids with a height between 130 and 170 cm. For smaller kids the extender part of the sleeping bag is simply pushed back into the footbox of the bag adding extra warmth to the foot section. There is a nice, soft thermal collar that keeps the warmth where it belongs - inside the sleeping bag. You also find a practical inner pocket and an integrated pillow sleeve into which kids can put their clothes or a small pillow. There are no annoying velcros that scratch the skin or draw cords to get entangled in. Packing down is so simple that most tiny tots can do it themselves - or they just carry the bag around in its storage bag. The storage bag has two modes. The "Mesh Bag" mode for storage at home or hauling it into the car, and the cushion mode in which the filled storage bag can be zipped down, to be used as a great seat cushion. When the sleeping bag is in use, kids can stuff their clothes, a small blanket or a towel into the cushion if they want to keep on using it as a pillow.


  • Great 3-season adventure sleeping bag for kids
  • Designed for kids in the growing age
  • Fits kids from 120 to 150 cm
  • Expandable design
  • Supersoft Norguard S-PO 80 filling inside
  • Extra warm foot section for smaller kids
  • Built-in pillow sleeve for pillows or clothes
  • Soft thermal collar for keeping kids warm
  • Practical zipped inner pocket
  • Safety features: no Velcros & no entangling draw cords inside the bag
  • Dual-purpose storage bag - "Mesh Bag" for storage or filled storage bag
  • The filled storage bag can be used as seat cushion or pillow
  • Easy-to-pack compression pack sack
  • Small pack size


Sleeping bag type : 3 season


  • Zipper length : Ankle length
  • Zipper position : Left

Sleeping bag shape : Mummy

Construction : Offset Double Box



  • Length : 167 cm
  • Body length (up to) : 150 cm
  • Shoulder width : 68 cm
  • Foot width : 45 cm


  • Total weight : 1080 g
  • Filling : 810 g
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Pack size

  • Diameter : 22 cm
  • Length : 31 cm
  • Diameter, compressed : 22 cm
  • Length, compressed : 28 cm


This products is PFC free

Shell, front

  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Construction : Brushed Rip-stop
  • Coating : Cire
  • Weight : 45 g/m2
  • Denier : 30D
  • Thread count : 370T
  • Colour : Sundried Tomato

Shell, back

  • Composition : 100% Polyamide
  • Construction : Brushed Rip-stop
  • Coating : Cire
  • Weight : 41 g/m2
  • Denier : 30D
  • Thread count : 330T
  • Colour : Cinnabar

  • Colour : Majolica Blue


  • Name : NorGuard S-PO 80
  • Type : Fibre
  • FillingComposition : 100% Polyester
  • FillingConstruction : Polyester hollow fibre / Double layer
  • FillingWeightSqM : 125 g/m2