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Seiland 2 SP tent

The Four Season Fortress for two

EUR 999,95

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The Four Season Fortress for two

The Seiland 2 SP embodies the true spirit of a four-season tent, offering a harmonious balance between the robustness required in the winter wilderness and the breathability coveted during summer. The innovative use of SilPoly fabric ensures that whether rain-soaked or dew-draped, the tent maintains its integrity, saving you the hassle of nightly adjustments.

This two-person tunnel is fashioned with an intelligent all-the-way-to-the-ground flysheet, serving as a barricade against the intrusive granules of sand and the sneaky spindrift of snow. This feature usually restricts airflow, especially in summer, where snow protection is irrelevant, but the innovative and patent-pending adjustment system gives you full control over the ventilation inside.
The architectural strength of the Seiland 2 SP is further solidified by the best-in-class 9mm DAC poles, providing a backbone of durability. Yet, the true marvel lies in the new guy out system where the webbing encircles the pole, creating a support system that's exponentially stronger than traditional setups, that tend to rip pole channels in strong winds..

Ventilation is paramount in the Seiland 2 SP, with a sophisticated system comprising dual rear vents, a frontal vent, and additional side options, orchestrating a symphony of air circulation that keeps condensation at bay. The innovative lower back vent, operable even with the fly pitched to the ground, ensures a fresh interior atmosphere, pivotal for comfort in varying climates.

The Seiland 2 SP is a sanctuary that morphs with the environment. The commodious pole sleeves and channels allow the addition of a second set of poles for expeditions that demand extra solid fortification against the temper of nature. The tent's versatile front door rolls away, offering a 180 degree gateway to the world outside or a closed shield from the elements, based on your needs.


  • Patent pending slider to adjust ground ventilation
  • Outer pitched tunnel construction
  • Pole socks and shoes for easy pitching
  • Roll away front
  • Fly to inner tent connection can be repaired with out stitching
  • 4 static connection points to accommodate extra heavy dry lines
  • SilPoly fly
  • Highly wind stable construction
  • New guy out system that increases strength without adding weight
  • New innovative lower back vent design
  • Possible to detach inner cabin
  • Excellent ventilation - even with fly to the ground
  • State of the art DAC poles
  • Magnetic 'quick-snap' door closure




Outer pitched


Double wall


  • 2 person tent





  • Length : 435 cm
  • Width : 165 cm
  • Height : 120 cm

Inner tent

  • Length : 220 cm
  • Width : 145 cm
  • Height : 100 cm


  • Total weight : 3350 g
  • Trim weight : 3290 g
  • Indicates the weight of the product and the absolute minimum of required accessories. (Excluding all packsacks, excess guyline, pegs, repair kit etc. )

Pack size

  • Length : 50 cm
  • Diameter : 15 cm


This products is PFC free


  • Name : Silpoly
  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Coating : PFC free DWR
  • Denier : 20D
  • Colour : Burnt Red

Ground sheet

  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Coating : PU Coating
  • Denier : 150D

Tent accessories

  • Poles : Aluminium
  • Pegs : Aluminium


Included accessories:


9 mm alu DAC Featherlike NSL, Green Anodized

3 pieces
Pegs: Alu Y-Pegs; 21 pieces

Available accessories:

Seiland 2 SP footprint
Seiland 2 SP spare pole set alu