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Steel V-Peg

A sturdy classic V-shaped steel peg with great strength

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A sturdy classic V-shaped steel peg with great strength

The V-shaped steel peg is a classic, offering great versatility, which is why it has been chosen as the standard peg for all Nordisk Legacy tents. The V-construction offers a firm grip and the choice of 2mm thick steel guarantees strength and performance. The steel V-peg works well in most kinds of soils including loose, firm, hard and even sandy ground, where the shovel-like design makes it easy to peg it into the ground, while at the same time offering a strong grip. Finally, the steel V-peg is equipped with a bent head, which offers a firm hold of a wide range of guy ropes.


  • Versatile all round V-peg
  • Works well in most ground types
  • Strong engineered V-construction
  • Ideal for large tents that needs a strong hold
  • Extremely strong 2mm galvanized steel
  • Hole at the tip for extra guy rope hold
  • Very strong hold and grip
  • Guy rope attachment for easy pull
  • Standard peg with the Nordisk Legacy range
  • Set of 6 pegs



  • Length : 280 mm
  • Weight : 105 g
  • Pieces in set : 6


  • Total weight : 630 g


  • Material : Steel