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Ice Ultra

An Extreme footrace through Arctic Sweden

The Ice Ultra is an incredible adventure through 230km of Europe’s last remaining wilderness. This is Swedish Lapland.  Laying inside the Arctic Circle it’s Europe’s last remaining wilderness and the heartland of the indigenous Sámi people. This area, Jokkmokk municipality, an area the size of Wales but with a population of only around three thousand, can experience daytime temperatures as low as -40 degrees at this time of year and the days are short.

You’re standing in snow, surrounded by seemingly endless pine forests scattered with frozen lakes. White-capped mountains dominate the horizon. All around you is silent and peaceful broken only by the crunch of your steps in the snow as you make your way through 230km of this UNESCO world heritage area. As darkness descends at the end of each day you can expect to feel like the only person on the planet.


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Pictures @mikkelbeisner


This is the Ice Ultra

Swedish Lapland

Snow Fields, Ice Forests & Frozen Lakes

230 km

5 days


-10°C to -40°C

Alfheim cotton tents work great in ice cold weather

Warm down jackets are key to survival

Nordisk sponsored runners

2020: Holly Saunders, United Kingdom

Result: Winner

Jackets: Cirrus for warmth
Mjelde as active shell 

2019: Simon Grimstrup, Denmark

Result: Overall winner

Jackets: Strato for warmth
Medby as active shell 

Winners choice