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Suede towel

Very light, small and fast drying towel for travelling

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Very light, small and fast drying towel for travelling

Sude Towel is an extremely absorbant and very lightweight towel with a nice soft feel, due to the technical and fast drying microfibre fabric. Actually the secret behind the high absorption lies in the fabric, as it allows the towel to absorb 5 times its own weight, and at the same time it offers a significantly quick dry, making it ideal for trekking and camping. It has an ultra soft suede touch, and located in one of the upper corners, it has a small buckle for easy attachment to a hook or a branch. Suede towel comes in two sizes, where both are very light and extremely packable with a very small pack size.

  • soft microfibre towel
  • absorbs 5 times its own weight
  • ultra packable
  • excellent comfort and funtionality
  • webbing loop for easy attachment
  • very fast drying
  • ultra lightweight
  • very small pack size
  • comes in a small mesh bag
  • available in 2 sizes


  • Length : 120 cm
  • Width : 60 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 160 g
Pack sack
  • Pack size : 7 x 20 cm


Material :