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5-6 Person Tents for Large Group Gatherings

5-6 man tents offer a weather-proof place for large groups to gather. Whether you’re sharing with friends or need extra space for your outdoor activity gear, a 5-6 person tent has enough space to keep everything dry and safe. Browse our range of large group tents and order yours today!

In this category you can find a range of tents that are suitable for 5-6 people to sleep in, plus some room for luggage of course! Use this buying guide to help decide which tent is right for you.

The Three Main Benefits of Buying 5-6 Person Tents

  • Wider range of designs available including tepee shapes.
  • The perfect size for families plus their gear.
  • Larger tent sizes have additional features including windows and canopies.

5-6 person tents offer many benefits to larger groups – or just outdoor enthusiasts with a lot of gear to store. If space is a vital feature that you need, but you don’t want to compromise ease of transport and pitching, a 5-6 man tent is just right.

Buying Guide for 5-6 Person Tents

Selecting the right tent can be a nail-biting experience. You want to get the right tent the first time! When you’re shopping for large tents, there are some key features you should look out for:

  • Is it easy to pitch? Larger tents require more poles, more pegs and more effort to get upright. Watch our videos on how to put up each tent model for a better idea of how much help you’ll need.
  • What view does the tent give you? Does it have windows? Can you lift the front door into a canopy to watch the scenery around you? 5-6 person tents offer some luxury, with space for luggage and even tent furniture.
  • What options do you have for the tent interior? For families this is particularly important. The ability to change internal compartment sizes, or add and remove them, is vital for sleeping and storing gear. 
  • What materials does your tent need? This is a key thing to consider. You should decide based on when and where the tent will be used. Do you need light, breathable summer fabric or sturdy, efficiently waterproofed winter fabric?

If you need more information about tent fabrics and their properties, we have a handy guide that can explain it in more detail for you.

Why Buy 5-6 Man Tents from Nordisk

Shopping at Nordisk has several key benefits that you’ll be grateful for. First, we are extremely knowledgeable about the tents we sell, offering helpful videos and customer support if you need any help. Then there’s the 1-2 day shipping time, to ensure your tent arrives in plenty of time before you leave.

Should you discover that actually you need a different tent model or size, we have a handy exchange service too.

Now you know how to select the ideal tent for your outdoor adventure, scroll back up to purchase it from Nordisk!