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Thors Hammer Pullers

A unique zipper puller inspired by Norse Mythology

Mustard - 148086

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A unique zipper puller inspired by Norse Mythology

The Nordisk Zipper Puller in the unique Thor’s Hammer design is a nod to our Norse legacy.  It is standard with most Nordisk bags and also the Faxe tents, where the distinctive design and easy grip adds functionality to any product. It is made in a unique design with a small loop made of guy rope and a small hammer-like metal handle, which is easy to see and easy to grasp. It has no sharp edges but offers a pleasant and comfortable pull. The Thor’s Hammer zipper puller comes in a pack of ten in your chosen colour to fit any loop or slider.


  • The iconic Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer) transformed into a zipper puller.
  • True Nordic heritage for your Ygg and Yggdrasil bags and your Mini tents.
  • Easy to grab and easy to handle.
  • Practical and sturdy grip.
  • Easy to attach to any loop and zipper slider.



  • Length : 6 cm
  • Width : 2 cm
  • Pieces in set : 10


  • Total weight : 40 g


  • Material : Nylon
  • Material : Plastic