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Torden gloves

Protect your hands i style

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Protect your hands i style

These heavy-duty genuine leather gloves will offer you protection against strong heat and sharp surfaces. Perfect for handling an outdoor wood burner, a bonfire or simply a barbeque.
Their rough and thick construction makes them both durable and reliable and they will guard your hands and arms safely for years.


* Genuine Leather
* Set of right and left hand
* Lined for extra heat protection
* Black inner palm leather color.
* Loops for hanging.

The story behind the name

Torden- in Norse mythology Thunder or “torden” is said to be caused by the god of thunder, Thor. As he rides his carriage strapped to the goats “Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr”, he swings his infamous hammer and provokes a thunder strike. “Torden” is derived from the Danish “Thor’s døn” meaning Thor’s bang, appropriate to the sound of thunder generally followed by lightning and fire.



  • Length : 34 cm
  • Width : 17 cm


  • Total weight : 370 g


  • Material : Genuine split leather
  • Material : Cotton