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Torden wood burner set

Ultimate heater for glamping hygge

EUR 999,95

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Ultimate heater for glamping hygge

The Torden wood burner from Nordisk is an outdoor stove that provides a cozy center of attention and heat to your camp. Place a kettle or pan on top to heat your food or drink easily and use the rails on the side to warm a piece of bread or to dry your wet gloves and socks, so you are ready for a new adventure tomorrow.
The Torden is a feature-packed model, with dampers top and bottom, replaceable glass walls, a drawer for easy ash disposal, space for keeping your wood ready under the stove and a sturdy, fireproof pedestal base.
You will find our exclusive heat resistant leather gloves included and the whole package comes in a nice portable bag.
Torden provides the ultimate outdoor Hygge® experience. Enjoy the crackling sound of fire and watch the colorful flames dance through the polar bear silhouette windows.


  • Genuine convection system
  • Minimalistic & mobile.
  • Compartment takes up to 35 cm long firewood (both sizes)
  • Glass front door and side glass for ultimate experience
  • Built-in ashtray



  • Length : 39 cm
  • Width : 29 cm
  • Height : 36 cm


  • Total weight : 17 kg


  • Material : Steel
  • Material : Glass


Included accessories:

  • Sturdy carry bag for comfortable and protective transportation
  • Exit pipe set for different exit angles – 90 + 180 degree angles
  • Ember mat which contains the grate and can be used as fire protection under the burner
  • Gloves for heat protecting when handling burner and hot items
  • Extra door handles (total of 2 pieces)

Available accessories:

Torden chimney pipe set

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