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Voss 5 ULW

Ultra-lightweight functional tarp used in the wilderness

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Ultra-lightweight functional tarp used in the wilderness

Voss 5 ULW tarp is one of the world’s lightest portable shelters. Although the flysheet weight is only 170 grams, no compromises have been made in regards
to functionality. It has a total of 8 attachment points; one at each corner, one centred on each edge, plus one centred on the top side of the flysheet. On the bottom side, an elastic cord is pre-attached to the tarp which can be used to fix a pole in the centre or as a compression strap when the tarp is packed down. Voss 5 ULW comes with 6 removable guy ropes, complete with guy line sliders and aluminium hooks for fast and easy setup. Altogether, the Voss 5 ULW has a total weight of only 240 grams and an absolute minimal pack size.


• Extreme low pack size and weight
• 8 attachment points
• Including 6 fast-attach guy ropes, each with guy line slider and Mini Hook
• 10D Rip-stop Nylon
• 2.0 mm Dyneema Guy Rope
• 100% eyelet free
* 170g race weight, 190g optional, total weight 240g

The story behind the name

Voss is a municipality in the province of Hordaland, Norway. Here, nature offers both high mountains and rich, fertile valleys with large coniferous forests and vast floodplains that provides a home to over 155 species of birds. In Nordic Vǫrs means "wave" or "sea". Today, Voss is primarily known as a winter resort that has spawned many world-class famous biathlon and alpine athletes.


Pack sack

  • Pack sack with guy line and cord stopper closing



  • Weight : 240 g

Pack size

  • Length : 18 cm
  • Width : 10 cm



  • Composition : 100% nylon
  • Construction : Rip Stop
  • Denier : 10D
  • Hydrostatic head : 2000 mm
  • Coating : Silicon Coating
  • WaterproofFirstFabric : False


Included accessories:

Guy lines: 2 mm Dyneema

Available accessories:

Aluminium Triple Twister
Extendable Pole 162-192 cm