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Voss 9 PU tarp

Small and packable outdoor roof

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Small and packable outdoor roof

No camp should be without a tarp. Once you realize the fantastic opportunities and flexibility a tarp adds to your camp, you will never leave home without it.
A strong and reliable tarp, like the Voss 9 PU, can serve as anything from a simple emergency luggage cover to and impressive camp porch or even as a standalone shelter on its own. This 9 m2 square version is the smallest and lightest of the Voss PU family.

The Voss 9 is made from strong ripstop polyester, intelligently enforced by the multiple attachment points. By designing the tarp 100% eyelet-free, we have removed potential weaknesses in the construction and replaced them multiple pitching options including designated tarp poles, walking poles, guy lines or even sticks found on the ground.
With a low weight and pack size, the Voss 9 PU Tarp is an ideal addition to any pack.


  • Small pack size
  • Numerous setup options
  • Multiple attachment points; edge and surface
  • Reinforced edges with pockets for poles or similar
  • Stand-alone or connect to a tent


The story behind the name

Voss is a municipality in Hordaland county, Norway, and the nature here offers both high barren mountains and rich fertile valleys with large coniferous forests and widespread wetland areas, hosting more than 155 species of birds. In Norse Vǫrs means "wave" or "sea". Today Voss is mostly known as a winter sports center with many famous world-class athletes within biathlon and skiing coming from here.




  • Width : 285 cm
  • Length : 310 cm


  • Total weight : 1100 g
  • Official weight : 1050 g
  • Indicates the total weight of the product and packsack, with only the accessories needed for normal use (extra packsacks, bonus packs etc. excluded.)

Pack size

  • Diameter : 20 cm
  • Length : 33 cm



  • Name : Polyester PU
  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Hydrostatic head : 3000 mm

Tent accessories

  • Guy line : Polyester


Included accessories:

Guy lines: 2.5 mm Polyester with Nordisk alu peanut sliders 6pieces