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Family tents for family gatherings!

Our family tents are spacious and perfectly suitable for an exciting family holiday. You have enough space for parents, kids - and all of the luggage. Or you can use the tent as a comfortable place to gather for an event.

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On this page you can find all our family tents. These large tents in a variety of styles all have multiple sleeping compartments and storage areas to keep your family and their belongings secure and clean. Everything you need to pitch the tent is included.

Fleksible family tents for the best camping experience

The main advantage of our family tents is the size. The large floor space and height allows the whole family to sit comfortably without feeling like sardines in a tin. Compartments and adjustable cabins inside the tent offer privacy too.

Compared to putting up 3 small or medium tents to make room for everyone, pitching a single family tent is quicker. With the help of the whole family, it will be up in no time and the family fun can begin.

Finally, family tents are excellent for solo travellers too. If you’re taking a lot of large gear with you, e.g. mountain bikes or kayaking equipment, the multiple compartments mean you can safely store your belongings inside.

Buying guide for family tents

When you’re choosing a family tent, there are a few things you should prioritise:

  • Think about the number of compartments as well as the number of people it sleeps. Will you be sharing compartments or needing 1 each?
  • What is the floorplan of the tent? If you need to reach kids in another compartment quickly, do you need to run circles around the tent or can you just unzip a divider wall?
  • Are there any tent windows? They do reduce privacy, but in large tents there can be a lack of light, so they have benefits too. You might also want to consider ventilation if you’re camping with a bunch of smelly teenagers!

Sometimes teenagers want their own space, so take a look at our 1-2 man tents that you can pitch up alongside the large family tent.

Why buy a family tent from Nordisk?

At Nordisk, we only offer the best quality products, tried and tested by ourselves. You’ll notice that each and every family tent we have has a handy video, showing you how to pitch the tent and going over the key details.

Furthermore, we provide all the tools you need to get going! Poles and pegs are included with the tent, but you can also find furniture and accessories for your tent at Nordisk too. With 100 years of experience, we know exactly what you need.

So, scroll back up and find the family tent your family will make great new memories today!